"The article is FABULOUS! Alanna did a wonderful job - it was cute, it was serious, it caught every aspect that we all threw at her and I wondered if she could grasp it all and she did. I took Betty a copy of it right away - and she sent out an email to the board of directors how wonderful the article is and if they can get their hands on a copy they should, and what great publicity it is for the pageant - so she was very happy as well! Thank you so much. Just a beautiful job!"
Carol, subscriber

"My wife and I have a one year subscription to your wonderful magazine. Unfortunately, we subscribed after the May 2010 issue was released to the public. We enjoy all the articles and photos of our favorite vacation spot. We are planning on collecting your magazine for many years. To make the 2010 collection complete we will have to get the very first issue. Please let us know how we could go about purchasing the premiere issue. Thank you for your fantastic service to the lover of Ocean City NJ."
Tim Swailes, subscriber

"Congratulations on producing a beautiful book for Ocean City. I must admit that I did not read my last issue from cover to cover, but merely perused it. Last night I read this year's book from cover to cover and learned so much about the city and all of its offerings that I did not know, even after coming here for 30 summers and owning a business. The articles were well written and the photography was phenomenal. I especially loved the article about the wetlands and its wildlife. This book is a real treasure and it has made me more aware of all that Ocean City offers. Even the calendar of events is the most complete that I have seen. Thank you for producing a real gem. Good luck with the sale of this book this summer. Every tourist should get one as a keepsake."
Sue Masters, Innkeeper at the Rose Garden Inn

"We would love to go with you to do our mailing. My mother in law said that she is VERY impressed with your work and likes the idea that you will help us design it since we don't typically do stuff like this."
Nicole Jenkins, Whippoorwill Campground

"I can't believe I won something. You guys are the best and I love your magazine and anything Ocean City NJ. I never win anything so this is the best Christmas present there is."
Gail Pritz, subscriber

"I have been receiving your magazine for two years now and just love it! The magazine is great - keep up the good work!"
Sally Geibe

"Just had a chance to look at the OC Magazine and absolutely love the article you wrote on me. Thank you for such kind words and for sharing the message of OCTC."
Michael Hartman, Artistic Director of Ocean City Theatre Company